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How to Get Over Broken Heart 10 Powerful Steps.

How HeartBreak Go through in 10 Steps.

How to get over broken heart? Our minds and outside are different. Mind and heart work differently. Our emotions often act with an addiction. It would be complicated for us to leave what we love. So how does heartbreak go through? Many people suffer for years, perhaps until the end of their lives. Getting over broken heart with this methods.

It’s tough to get over it because of the mind’s dependence. But if you follow these steps, it will be reduced to get a bit of deep pain in your heart.

1- Being right and wrong is not essential.
I know most of us are looking for a reason. Why she/he left me. Sometimes there are good reasons, and sometimes we know how to find a valid reason. But the truth is, if he didn’t want to quit, he never would. The truth is that you can be as unfair as you want and the other person could forgive you. It might sound like it doesn’t mean anything. But it is not. You must understand that the person who left you ultimately left you for his interests and needs. It was his inner world. It was his decision. Think about it.

2- There is no such thing as forgetting or deleting him.
You cannot delete or forget it if you use it in thousands of therapy methods or techniques. You will not forget it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put him/her away. Like the painful events in your childhood, love is a trauma. It’s a heavy emotional breakdown. But that doesn’t mean it never crosses. This event is not a simple event. It is a severe emotional state of mind. Don’t try to forget him. Instead, accept the situation “He left me (did not want to) I accept it” Tell yourself.

3- Communicate with your real friend about your troubles.
I think it’s the best therapy. If you find someone to listen to your troubles like this, I can say that you have found your medicine. Many people cannot get over this quickly because they do not have such a friend. Tell your feelings. This step will do you good.

4- You need to fight.
Your mind and emotions are complicated. In short, the storm is breaking in. You must be able to fix it. You have to leave the illusion of your mind. Your mind will play games for you and will not give up your addiction. But that doesn’t matter. You will win if you are determined.

5- We are all human.
Would you like to be with someone you don’t want? Straightforward but effective question. Empathy. Would you like to live or continue with someone you don’t like anymore? No, right? I think that’s the answer that everyone will give. Imagine how much you endure someone you don’t feel anything about. Sad but true. Even if he loved you madly and dreamed, it would make a difference. Would you have thought of him? I don’t think so … So don’t take it personally. After all, we’re all people controlled by their hormones.

6- Forgive and Continue the Road.
I saw very strong and successful people. They are depressed by the pain of love and isolate themselves from life. They can’t accept it. The most important point here is to forgive and continue on the road. Well, how’s that gonna happen? You say I would if I did. No, you haven’t really faced your problem so far.

It’s so painful that you don’t even get close to it. But it deepens as you ignore it. Find a quiet place for him and use the empty chair technique. Take an empty chair and talk to him as if you were there. You will feel good, after all.
7- Avoid compelling behavior.
It’s a process that doesn’t have the magic wand all at once. Even a physical wound takes time to heal, and sometimes it may not. One of the most important factors here is that you can get professional help. If you are suffering from depression and obsession, we recommend you see a psychiatrist.

8- Meditate.

Many people skip this step in their mental problems. But according to research, meditation is one of the most secreting actions of happiness hormone. Make sure to be peaceful. >>> Meditation

9- Make a List.
The biggest reason you suffer from love is that you define that person as unique. Make a list, write all the unique features. After this step, you will realize that it is not at all unique. Make a second list now. Type all negative properties. You will find that she/he is not unique.

10- Make affirmation.
The best thing for your mind is to do affirmation and think positively. If you don’t know how to do this, we have 500 affirmations for each topic. >>> 50 positive affirmations


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