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15 Things To Do To Start a Day 

15 Morning Routine Do For Yourself

We usually start with our hectic and rushed day. Keep up with work, like sending kids to school or catching up. Some things will help you relax at the beginning of the day. When you do, you feel peaceful and happy.

 We can all be stressed and tired when we’re in life. He wants to have a beautiful day, but we usually end up on a bad day. Our work and events can be useful in this. But most importantly, we don’t know exactly what we need to do for a good day.

 1- Focus on your goals in life.

 The biggest thing that will give us a beautiful day is to think of our goals. If you don’t have a goal or a target, you’re in a row, unfortunately. Many famous artists and business people pass in the mirror and list their aims and objectives today. These goals motivate you and increase your energy.

 2- Motivate yourself with five positive sentences.


 Affirmation sentences can open big doors for us. As you start the day, you will find beautiful affirmation sentences that will motivate and make you feel fantastic. We will have some suggestions for you.

 1- I am happy

 2- I am safe

 3- I deserve a beautiful day.

  4- I am strong

  5- I love myself

 6- Today I draw myself a success

 7- I am grateful for today

 8- Today is the day of happiness and peace

 9- Today, I am a better person.

 10- Today, I am more polite.

 11- I forgave yesterday

 12- I am spreading the energy of love

13- I am defeating every challenge I will face today.

 14- Today, I know how to conceive great things.

 15- I am wise enough to make the right choice

Here you can select five sentences that suit you.

Read more >>> Affirmation Sentences

3- Solution Today of the Day.

The biggest mistake you will make is to postpone the events. Do not do this. Solve the accumulated pending things for your day. You will have a beautiful day. The biggest mistake made is to postpone and try to forget. Finish what’s finished. Extension. Look for the solution for a beautiful day and peace today.

4- Make Awareness Before Starting the Day.

Look at the rising sun. Feel the comfort of your bed. Feel the freshness of the water you hit on your face. Feel that today is a great day. The essential thing in life is to live the moment and increase your awareness. Focus on the beautiful things that make you happy and connect to the channel of love.

5- Get up early.

Many thinkers wake up early and feel like a king. It may be great to start the day with a hot coffee in your hand while the whole world is sleeping. A lot of people don’t know it. People who get up early can get their jobs on the road much faster. Getting up soon is the best way to start a zero ahead. 

6- Focus on being optimistic and positive.

They say it goes the way you start. Focus on positive thinking, be kind and gentle. When you start in the morning with radiant energy, you will feel peaceful. If you start the day tense, you will be left with the sinister traces that follow you like the black plague. Positive thoughts give rise to other positive feelings. Thinking positive affects your behaviour. Your behaviour is your environment. This is a great step for a beautiful day.

7- Discover your morning routine.

Making your bed in the morning or drinking coffee can be one of them. Or you are singing your favourite song in the shower. You can discover a routine that will make you feel peaceful. A friend of mine made this routine by eating apple cookies every morning. The purpose of the method is to make you happy and focus your mind on the positive.

In thought we are in our own world, but we are not aware of ourselves. We are not particularly aware of the bad things we do to ourselves. In order to be happy in our own inner world, we must first realize ourselves and our thoughts. Readmore >>>

8- Morning Exercise Will Come Good

This can even be a simple stretching motion. This simple action will take two to three minutes to prepare your body for the day and will make you happy. You can exaggerate the exercise, especially if it is an office environment where you will be inactive all day.

9- Morning walk

The walk is a helpful exercise that you can do some mornings even if you don’t do it every morning. You can listen to music while walking or meditate on walking. >>> Walking Meditation

10- Make sure of yourself.

Make the best combination of clothes. Do your cleaning. Take a shower. Comb your hair. Make your makeup. Apply your favourite perfume, etc. All your care. Make sure you go out on the street and go to work. This will make you feel perfect.

11- Have Breakfast.

This is an important meal to skip it often can cause problems in our health. You can prepare a dish you like or choose a favourite breakfast. But stop skipping this meal …

12- Make your favourite sound of the alarm sound.

Wake up to light and beautiful music. Most people start the day with a terrible alarm sound. One of the biggest mistakes to humiliate today is a lousy alarm sound.

13- Listen to a song you love.

When you wake up, start your day listening to your favourite music. This will give you peace and motivate yourself.

14- Create your program.

It is much better to move programmatically than to have the first movement. You do it better as a list.

15- Check the schedule as follows.

You can open a newspaper and look at the plan quickly. You can also do this soon from an internet site.

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