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Spiritual Journey | Discovering Your Inner World

Spiritual journey; it is not a physical journey. It is about entering and questioning a spiritual quest. The most powerful thing that can change our lives is our spiritual journey. Firstly…

It is in our physical self to seek spirituality. This is a journey to our spiritual energy in our inner world. To prove that life is beyond matter. This journey is to explore the inner peace. On this inner journey, which is set out to find peace in the world and to live in peace. Spiritual journey can be different for everyone. But for the discovery of the inner world, things are the same.

“Hey Love! I’ve been looking for you in rugged languages for years. I didn’t know if you were me. I linger. I stood.” Şemz Tebrizi

5 Steps to Spiritual Journey


1- You are alone in this journey.
Nobody can help your spiritual journey. No one can be light on this road. This road is a way to walk and explore alone. You can meditate to return to your inner world. You should focus on your inner world by focusing on your breath.

2- Observe – Increase Awareness.
Clear your past and future thoughts. Observe your environment and focus on your energy. Focus your time on increasing your awareness.

3- You must be a good person.
Help people and take the energy of love into your inner world. The power of good will guide you on your journey.

4- Increase Your Spiritual Energy.
Take long nature walks. Listen to birds, integrate with nature. Remember that it is part of all life.

5- Feel the Source.
We’re all connected. We’re all connected with energy. Feel the source. Feel the beginning of life. Serenity; When you feel the sense of wholeness, it will find you. Focus on the idea of unity.

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