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What is Third Eye and How to Open Third Eye?

What is third eye, how to activate it and how you can harness its power?

Is third eye is only legacy or it is true? What is third eye and how to open third eye? How to activate 3rd eye fast?

What is Third Eye, How to Open Third Eye?

The third eye or Ajna is one of our 7 chakras within Hindu beliefs, and these are the benefits of activating its power.

Since time immemorial, it has been believed that the human being has an invisible eye or the third eye with a more refined perception than what can be seen commonly, causing the person who possesses it to have a unique intuition, which is why many people They are interested in opening the third eye. We will tell you how to do it.

The third eye is one of the 7 main chakras that human beings have, according to Hinduism. It is the sixth chakra, to be more specific, and it is located in the middle of our two physical eyes. It is related to the mind, intuition and imagination and its corresponding organ is the pineal gland.

Today we will talk about an exercise to keep it open. Unlike other techniques such as meditation or Osho unblocking exercises, you will only need to set aside a little time to carry it out with this method.

Why do you need to open your third eye?

All the chakras can become blocked, leading to a waste of our spiritual energy. However, the chakras are capable of being worked and balanced. In the case of the third eye, its main blockage is usually called “Maya,” a veil that means “illusion,” and that makes us believe that we are nothing more than this physical body.

how to open third eye

Exercise to activate the third eye

The exercise to expand the potential of our third eye is very simple: you have to find a quiet moment, sit in a meditation position, and think about the sacred truth of the chakra, which is “I only seek the truth.” You need to repeat it as if it were a mantra.

This thought will help us perceive the world as it is and accept it, no matter how much it may hurt us. Since the world does not accommodate our needs or tastes, we tend to look the other way, making the most realistic perception of the outer plane impossible.

The vision that the third eye gives you has nothing to do with looking through things or perceiving people or objects that are far away. The power of the third eye can manifest itself in different ways in different people; in some cases, it will allow us to “hear” and in others to see clearly in dreams.

The power of the third eye is very beneficial, regardless of whether we like what we see or not, the mind itself already has a lot of confusion, idealizations, expectations that lead us to deform real life and that the Ajna or third eye helps us to collapse to connect with the spiritual interior.

Please make sure you always seek the truth peacefully since having it actively does not always guarantee total clarity; there are other elements such as fears that must overcome to achieve full enlightenment. It is a long and challenging road, but dedication to spiritual peace always pays off.

The third eye is also part of a mystical and esoteric concept. In spiritual traditions of Hinduism, it is very taken into account since it is said that people have it right in the center of the forehead.
This invisible eye is part of chakra 6, referring to the portal connecting the individual with high levels of consciousness. Many people want to activate the powers that this entails.

It is also related to clairvoyance and extrasensory experiences that a person can experience, having predictions or visualizations about the future as is done with free telepathy.

How to open the third eye?

Spend more time in the dark: The person who wants to open the third eye will have to spend a little time in the semi-darkness because the darkness is required to reach the light.

A good practice is to sleep with all the lights off, do meditations in dark rooms, and spend as much time as possible without too many lights in the house.

Set aside a moment to meditate every day: Meditation is one of the most important keys to opening the third eye. By having higher levels of consciousness and a better spirituality, your intuition can be sharpened much more.

You must perform deeper and deeper meditations daily, setting aside a special moment each day.
It is recommended that you be disciplined and do not fail any meditation; this will make your third eye open correctly.

Put your intuition into practice: Opening the third eye is closely linked to the development of intuition and vice versa, so you must perform exercises that develop it better and better.

Start with everyday events until you increase the intuitive range, practice, connect with that perception that you have within you; you can help yourself by blindfolding your eyes and having another person place images or objects in front of you and guess what it is about.

Also, if you practice with your intuition, the third eye will be activated simultaneously, giving you other faculties that you have hidden and that is of great importance.

Balance your chakras: If your chakras are balanced and your energy increases, opening the third eye will be a much easier task.

To do this, you can receive reiki therapies, practice yoga or use crystals so that your chakras are correctly balanced.

Do activities that connect you with your being: This is a significant step to advance in your spiritual life and open the third eye; it will help you become more aware of what is happening or will happen around you and reinforce your connection with yourself. Same.

Although it sounds simple, this is not a very easy task; even every day, it seems more challenging to stay connected with yourself since modern life has a fast and noisy rhythm.

But doing practices like those mentioned above (yoga, reiki, meditation) can be beneficial, also visiting sacred places, where there is silence, and you can meditate with tranquillity.

Receive reiki constantly: It will not only help you to open the third eye but also for your energy to flow better, feel well-being, and you can connect with the deepest part of your being.

Simple meditation

Close your eyes: To begin with, you must have your eyes closed, freeing yourself of any tension you feel in your body.

Take 10 deep breaths: You hold the air for 5 seconds, causing your heart rate to decrease and your glands align better, reaching a more excellent state of relaxation.

Visualize your interior bathed in light: May this light symbolize your spiritual cleanliness, clarity, place it at the level of your stomach and seek your mind to become conscious at this point.

Observe a small staircase that appears in the middle of this light. It rises like a healing light, which you should follow within yourself, rising slowly and breathing gently, filling your lungs according to the capacity that makes you feel comfortable.

Keep visualizing the light: See how it rises inside you until you reach the third eye, do it slowly and relaxed, feel this light passing through your heart, throat and your head while surrounding all your organs.

This exercise is excellent for opening the third eye, as it helps you be more aware of the energy you have.

How do you know if your third eye is opening?

Your intuition has increased: Lately, what you intuit you may be correct than before, feeling how each prediction is more robust and accurate.

In addition, you can evidence it when you feel that something is going to happen in your environment, which ends up happening.

In the same way, you will have an easier time distinguishing between good and evil. The truth is that this feeling will be constant and will finally help you to face your day-to-day.

You feel that you have changed: Opening the third eye is synonymous with evolution and transformation; this may be reflected in your emotions; perhaps you are now more tolerant than before and practice solidarity more often.

Without leaving aside your fine-tuned intuition, since you can quickly notice other people’s intentions with you and anticipate things that are going to happen in the environment where you are, getting it right most of the time.

High sensitivity to clarity: This is another sign that your third eye is starting to open; you may be much more sensitive to light and bright colours than usual.

It should be noted that it is not an unpleasant sensation; you may also feel that you had not correctly seen them before.

You can feel pressure in your brow: At that height, the third eye is located, you may feel heat or a little pressure, especially when you do any of the recommended exercises or out of nowhere.

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