5 Ways to Change Subconscious Patterns


The Subconscious (Unconscious) is the area we cannot reach with our consciousness. Recent research says that the subconscious is a source of situations from decisions to depression.
How can we free ourselves by breaking certain patterns in our subconscious since infancy?

“I don’t think I have consciously decided to write for the young adult audience; My subconscious decided for me.” Mark Frost

1- We must start by understanding the subconscious. The subconscious emotions we have suppressed and our darkest part places. We can call our shadow character. Every emotion that we cannot consciously cope with is located in our subconscious, which can lead to situations like depression. We can reduce the orientation of our subconscious by experiencing the moment and staying in the moment.

2- Decide with more thinking when making a decision. Your subconscious is not bad, but if you want to change your life, you should consciously make plans and make decisions.

3- Start by writing an affirmation note where you use it most. It may seem like a simple step, but it will have an incredible effect on you. For example, on a note paper, you can write a note about yourself as I love myself and succeed or what you want to change. You can hang it in your favorite cabinet or mirror.

4- By affirmation: You can influence the subconscious patterns by making 5 affirmations per day.

>>> 500 positive affirmations that will affect your subconscious

5- Focus on positive thinking before going to sleep. It is very important that make affirmation by changing the positive reflection of thinking you want to change. After that, you can sleep

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