Don’t Live The Truth in the Shadow of Your Subconscious.

Subconscious Mind

This may surprise you, but even when you read this article you are not living the truth. You are experiencing a projection or simulation. This simulation is not a computer simulation … It’s a simulation of your mind. You can think of it like a filter or an application. The way the subconscious mind interprets and presents you to the real world. How Does?
Let’s explain this with a very simple example. Let’s explain this with a very simple example. When hospital is said to us, there are simulations that remind us of healing or death, but also scary or sad things for most of us. For a doctor or healthcare worker, when the hospital is said, the workplace reflects. In short, we look at the events in the shadow of our subconscious.
We see the world with the thought structure we have loaded on our subconscious. You know what that means. You’re not actually living this moment.

5 Steps to Getting Rid of the Simulation World

1- Know your thoughts
Notice your thoughts on an event or at a time, and you can take a chance to interfere with the filters under them. For example, when you’re talking about money, add positive thoughts when you realize you’re using negative patterns. “I love money and money comes to me with ease.”

2- Live the moment.

Most of us are not aware of the moment. We are so busy with the past or the future that so we are being target of the simulation of our subconscious. Stay in the moment and live the moment.

3- Check Your Feelings.
Many people are in control of their emotions. As in the case of the same hospital, it has sent emotional ties to events and perspectives. This is part of the subconscious simulation. Check your feelings to solve it.

4- Empty your mind.
By meditating, you can reduce the intensity of your mind and provide a calmer mindset.

5- Be patient.
Subconscious simulation is a system of perception created by your subconscious to protect you. Looking at the world without a filter requires time and work. This is the look of Rumi Opinion. To look at everything correctly and see as it is. You’ll reach the conclusion with patience and research for it.

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