The Root Thoughts That your Subconscious Prevents You

The Subconscious Mind Creates Your Reality

Your subconscious starts to work for your benefit as soon as you are born. Even when your consciousness is not fully activated, it has already started to protect and watch you. But as your conscious direction increases, you notice something. It also hinders you in fact while maintaining you on the subconscious.

Your subconscious never sleeps. It is always on the job. It controls all your vital functions. Forgive yourself and every one else before you go to sleep, and healing will take place much more rapidly.
– Joseph Murphy

What are the root thoughts and solutions that will change your subconscious?


1- “This is always happening to me.” The sentence can be a sentence we use throughout our lives. You can feel the intimidation here. You may have started using this sentence at a certain age. In this way, thought is your sacrifice role that you push into your subconscious. That’s how you see dealing with problems. But once the sense of defeat is loaded on your subconscious, it cannot change after you stop thinking about it.

Solution: As long as we live, difficulties will find us. Sometimes we tend to think in this way because we do not change our point of view. Change your perspective. Discover positive aspects and look more positive to life.

2- You may say “I’m not good enough.” or your subconscious mind may be working quietly. But even if you don’t say “I’m not good enough”, you might be doing it yourself by stepping back in your life. This may have settled into your subconscious mind because of certain problems from certain factors.

Solution: You have to analyze the areas where you will be successful and trust yourself fully. When you think you’re not successful, you don’t see what you did, what you did not.

3- “I don’t trust anyone.” Another subconscious block that’s blocking you. Think of that as we may all have been fooled by certain issues. But it’s a big mistake to label everyone as ill-minded. Trust is a mutual feeling.

Solution: People you trust will always be in our lives. Honest and reliable people are always present in this life. But this should not mean that people will not make mistakes. Keep in mind that it is a concept for you to create trust.

4-“I can’t succeed if others didn’t”. Another powerful barrier created by the subconscious. They’ve been saying things that can’t be done in our lives. You listened to your father. Your mother told you. Your sister, your brother, your neighbors, your school, your colleagues.

Solution: It is very important that you know that you are different from everyone else. Yes, there is nothing that a person who wants to succeed and cannot do.

5- “Never will be better” One more sentence for devastation. This negative subconscious sentence is also among our molds. If we lose faith in life and good things, we lose.

Solution: Hope is the most powerful motivation tool in our lives. Don’t lose your hope and summon beautiful things to yourself.

6- “They don’t love me.” Another mold sentence you scored yourself. People around you don’t think that way, you are in such a way. If you declare yourself unpopular, you create a reality in this way.

Solution: You are a good person worthy of love. Say this for yourself. Create your negative subconscious thought by building positive sentences.

7- “I do not deserve the good” A subtle body of thought in your subconscious, no matter what events you are experiencing. You will block your life by thinking like that.

Solution: You deserve the best. You deserve the most beautiful things. You can remove this sentence that prevents you from feeling what a valuable person you are.

There are many sentences like this that stop you. You may be experiencing these sentences. You may be installing different blocker phrases. The best solution for this is to affirmation.

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